My favorite podcasts

Year after years, I am becoming more and more addicted to podcasts. Here is a list of the the ones I am currently listening to:

  • Internet History Podcast – My all-time favorite. Starting with Mosaic and Netscape, it is the story of Internet since the beginning of the web 20 years ago. Mix of “chapter episode” where Brian tells episodes of this amazing period and “interview episode” in which actors of this story appear.  Very very well researched and delivered. Hats off to Brian for this fabulous (and useful) work!
  • This week in TechLeo Laporte is a great host and have some very interesting guests to discuss all things about tech. Sometimes a bit chatty but always full of energy.
  • NipTech – (in french). Their motto: “#tech #startups #inspiration”. Good content and rythme. Ben and Mike are doing a great job! Fun to listen!
  • Le RDV Tech – (in french).  Tech news, rumors and stories by Patrick with various guests. He takes time to explain and dig into some hot topics and is not afraid to share opinions on polemical topics.
  • a16z – Andreessen Horowitz VC company podcast. High quality with high profiles guests. Mostly about topic in which a16z is investing (bitcoins, AI, big data etc.).
  • Foundation – Interviews with tech entrepreneurs who share their paths, their advices and some anecdotes.
  • This American Life –  My other all-time favorite, this time not tech related. Mostly true stories of everyday people. Deep dive in american life. Very very well produced. Fascinating.

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